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Pedego Your Way Through the Pandemic

February 16, 2021

It is no secret that everyone has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, in some way. While the pandemic has forced us to adapt to a new version of normal, we have all been itching for a reason to go outside and explore. That is where your Pedego comes in! We surveyed a few members of our Pedego Owners Group and asked, “How has your Pedego helped you get outside during the pandemic?”

Agnes Knoll – Pedego Cape May

“I am a Nurse working in the hospital during this pandemic. This pandemic has taught me to appreciate every moment. I am not always able to be around family and friends because of the isolation but it allows me more time on my bike. I recently had a birthday and Rich from Pedego Cape May was kind enough to drop off my brand new red Element at my house so I could ride on my birthday. I have been enjoying getting outside for some fresh air and exploring the local area while taking pictures. I especially enjoy riding my Element along the beach and watching the sunset. Hello Fun!”

Pedego rider, Agnes Knoll, on the beach with her Element bike.

Jake Greenberg – Pedego Long Beach Island

“The pandemic has definitely allowed me to spend so much more time on my Pedego. In the summer I would ride everyday. I would ride between 30-40 miles a day!! Now that it’s getting colder out I still try to ride as much as possible. Being a Pedego owner has definitely changed my life for the better in many ways, and I will always be a Pedego owner. I love my Interceptor! Hello Fun!!”

Classic Interceptor on a rock in front of an ocean view.

Lisa Cox – Pedego Upland

“My Pedego has given me the freedom to get outside and be active. Prior to the Pandemic other activities took precedence. Now biking on my Pedego is my number one way I get outside and am getting more active.”

Pedego customer, Lisa Cox, riding her Pedego Boomerang.

Erica Wilder – Pedego Twin Cities

“Flexible time allowed me to pick the weather & trail conditions for uncontested exploration across the entire metro & beyond biking up to 60 miles round trip! I was able to explore all different terrain types without daylight constraints.”

Pedego Platinum Interceptor

Erin Cohon – Pedego 101

“My bike has given me tremendous peace of mind. I teach from home and needed an outlet as my gym was closed and walking wasn’t doing it for anymore. Found a Pedego store near me in Westlake Village. Loved the owners; trusted their recommendations and bought the Element. I had to make a few modifications and upgrades to make it more comfortable, but there isn’t a day that goes by where you won’t see me on the trails near my house. Love this little fire-engine-red speedster.”

Pedego Customer riding her Element on a trail.

John Curtis – Pedego Huntington Beach

“In our area Newport Beach, California we have good weather most of the time and great rides on the coast, both north and south for miles. I enjoy the rides almost every other day from 5 miles to 30. We have 4 Pedego bikes so others can ride with us that do not have their own… typically they get them after the rides though, HA! I have explored almost every path in our area including Irvine, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa– everything from Seal Beach to Dana Point, and even across the Balboa Ferry to the American Legion post 291. I never get tired of the outside… I have been saying, ‘Hello, fun!’ for about 15 years!”

Pedego bikes sitting in front of a classic car.

Linda Snyder – Pedego Myrtle Beach

“We are retired but the pandemic has allowed us to still ride while social distancing so we are able to see things, enjoy the outdoors, exercise and of course, have FUN!”

Pedego customer Linda Snyder standing with her bike on a boardwalk.

Amazing stories, like these, symbolize one of the positive things the pandemic has brought on. Riding your Pedego can be one of the best ways to get out of the house and break the monotony during these uncertain times– and there is no need to stop riding once it is over. Join the fun and test ride a Pedego at your local dealer… you may just find your new favorite quarantine activity!