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The Pedego Thumb Throttle: Getting Speed with Ease

January 18, 2021

Pedego bikes are known for their ability to go fast! Offering both a throttle and pedal assistance, a Pedego allows you to go farther and longer than you would on a regular bike. However, have you ever been riding and got tired of twisting the throttle due to your hand cramping? Luckily, Pedego has a solution for this – the Thumb Throttle.

The Thumb Throttle is a mechanism that connects to the throttle on the bike itself and allows you to get the same power and oomph that the throttle would give you without having to constantly twist your wrist to do so. Instead, the Thumb Throttle offers an extra wide thumb platform, which when pressed down, kicks in the throttle to get up those big hills or put some speed on your bike.

Pedego Thumb Throttle

The Thumb Throttle is one of Pedego’s most popular accessories, as it is a one-size fits all product, making it compatible with every Pedego model. No matter which Pedego you decide is best for your needs, the Thumb Throttle will make a perfect addition to your e-bike. It also offers easy installation, making it nearly effortless to attach to your throttle, so you can begin riding in no time!

Interested in getting a Thumb Throttle for yourself? Offered for $19.95, the Thumb Throttle is available online or at your local dealer.