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Next Generation Upgrades: Elevating Performance and Safety with Pedego Electric Bikes

March 1, 2022

Pedegos are famous for delivering the greatest riding experience on Earth. Once you ride a Pedego, everything else is just an ebike.

It’s hard to imagine raising the bar any higher, but that’s exactly what’s been done with the next generation upgrades to the most popular Pedego models. Performance, safety, and the pure joy of riding have been lifted to even greater heights. 

749 Watt Motor

Pedego 749 watt motor

Pedego’s whisper quiet 749 watt motor delivers best-in-class acceleration and hill climbing. It boasts 50% more power than earlier models with minimal trade-offs in weight and efficiency. The sensation of power is exhilarating, and yet with Pedego proprietary PedalSense® software, it never feels like too much.

Safety First Throttle

Safety First Throttle

Pedego’s exclusive Safety First Throttle is the first and only of its kind. It features redundant mechanical and electronic safety cut-off switches to completely eliminate the possibility of a runaway bike. It also includes an extra bright, color-changing LED indicator to alert riders when the throttle is activated. 

European Style Front Light

European Style Headlight

Pedego’s new and improved headlight is designed to help you both see and be seen. It’s exceptional brightness practically turns night into day, plus it spreads the beam over a wide area to clearly illuminate the entire road or path ahead. The sleek design also features a wrap-around safety light for enhanced side visibility.

Oversized Chainring

Oversized Chainring

Most electric bikes use standard bicycle drivetrains that are designed for much lower average speeds. As a result, it’s common for ebike riders to feel like they are “spinning out” at higher speeds. Even when the pedals are rotating quickly, there is very little resistance and the contribution made by pedaling is minimal. Pedego’s oversized chainring solves this problem and makes it comfortable to pedal normally at higher speeds.