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Embracing the Good Life with Pedego: Martha Stewart’s Love for Pedego Electric Bikes

January 22, 2019

Nobody knows how to live the good life like Martha Stewart, and she’s enjoyed a lifelong love affair with bicycles.

“Few of us forget our childhood bike,” she writes, “In all its shiny, tasseled, banana-seated glory, it brought us pure joy and our first taste of freedom.

Now, at 77 years young, she is reliving her childhood freedom with Pedego.

Like most of us, she fell head over heels in love with Pedego the moment she tried it. The day was overcast, but her smile was so bright that you couldn’t tell there was a cloud in the sky.

She owns not one, but two Platinum Editions. One for her home in East Hampton and the other for her Bedford, New York farm.

Of course, given her impeccable taste and sense of style, Martha cares about more than just the advanced features and quality components of the Platinum Edition. “I love this lustrous and modern silver finish,” she writes in her blog post: My New E-Bike from Pedego

Today’s bikes are a big improvement over what we rode as children,” she says.