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Making Your New Year’s Resolution Fun

December 28, 2020

New year, new me! How many times have you heard this saying at the beginning of each year? It seems like with each new year, comes a chance to reset and turn your life in a new direction. For instance, becoming a healthier individual is one of, if not the, most common New Year’s resolutions, and with the dumpster fire that 2020 delivered us with, it is no secret that this resolution remains at the top of the list. According to YouGov, an international research data and analytics group, “The most common resolutions for U.S. adults as we head into 2021 are doing more exercise (50%), losing weight (48%), and improving diet (39%).”

These numbers seem quite ambitious and although you may start with good intentions at the beginning of each year, it is sometimes hard to maintain a brand new lifestyle without reverting back to old habits. For instance, a report was done by Dr. Charles Herrick, Chair of Psychiatry, at Nuvance Health, states, “Research shows that as many as 50 percent of adults in the United States make New Year’s resolutions, but fewer than 10 percent keep them for more than a few months.” In that same report, Dr. Herrick shares, “Giving up on New Year’s resolutions is often related to three issues: difficulty breaking old habits, focusing on specific outcomes, and problems with a purpose.” It’s true, sometimes life gets in the way of your well-set intentions, and let’s face it committing to strict diets or lengthy workouts is not always the most enjoyable way to accomplish your goals.

Exercise Disguised as Fun

Luckily, with Pedego you can accomplish your New Year’s resolutions while having fun doing so. Two of Pedego’s core principles are fitness and fun, and with a Pedego electric bike, you are guaranteed to accomplish both. Don’t believe us? Take it from a fitness expert, Denise Austin. She is one of America’s favorite fitness gurus who, over the last 35 years, has sold over 24 million exercise videos, written 12 popular books on health and well-being, and starred in the longest-running fitness TV program in history. “Exercise and Pedego bikes go hand in hand,” says Denise Austin. She uses Pedego as not only part of her fitness program, but also her fun program, meaning that working out doesn’t have to be an activity you dread. To Denise, Pedego means lifestyle, and isn’t that what a New Year’s resolution is? A promise you make to yourself to change your lifestyle.

Denise Austin standing with her Pedego bike on the beach.

Living Instead of Existing

When riding a Pedego electric bike, the proof is in the pudding, as once you get on it, you will not want to get off– fun is guaranteed! This holds true for Rhonda Martin who once weighed 457 pounds, yet today is down to 180 pounds after completely changing her life. When she was overweight, it was as if her weight consumed her, as she was physically unable to be part of the world around her. After trying countless diet plans and fads, nothing seemed to work until she got on a Pedego… that is when everything changed for Rhonda. “The first time I rode a Pedego, it was freedom to me. It was back to being a kid again. It was the best feeling I’d felt in a long time. The smile I had on my face when I got back — I swear I had it on for days,” says Rhonda. Since her mobility was limited at first, Pedego was the perfect stepping stone for her to become active again. It allowed her to regain her confidence with her fitness, and she even had fun doing it! Rhonda explains, “Riding my Pedego was something that I wanted to continue to do. It wasn’t something I dreaded. It wasn’t a chore. It was just enjoyment for me.” Rhonda now uses her Pedego daily, as she commutes to and from work, making the 38-mile round trip a welcome part of her day. “It’s not about the weight I’ve lost,” she states. “It’s about the life that I’ve gained. I was merely existing and today I’m truly living my life.”

Rhonda Martin standing outside of the Pedego main office showcasing her weight loss journey.

Fitness and Fun with Pedego

Getting fit and having fun should not have to be a choice of one or the other, as with Pedego you can experience both at the same time. Regardless of your current fitness level or age, a Pedego electric bike can help you accomplish your New Year’s resolution and allow you to stick to it, because why would you want to stop doing something so fun?!

Hello, fun!

Pedego can help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions, and will make sure you have fun in the process. To try a Pedego for free, please contact your local dealer — they are happy to help you begin your journey to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions for 2021!