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Pedego Low-Step Electric Bikes: Easy, Fun and Accessible for All

May 22, 2023

Electric bikes have revolutionized the way we move around our cities and towns, providing a clean and efficient way to commute, explore, and have fun. But for many people traditional ebike frames can be an entry barrier, making it difficult to get on and off the bike safely and comfortably. That’s why Pedego offers low-step electric bikes with an ultra-low 9-inch frame making riding safe and easy for more people.

Boomerang and Boomerang Platinum Edition, Low-Step Electric Bikes

The Pedego low-step electric bikes are the popular Boomerang and Boomerang Platinum Edition. These bikes feature a low step-through frame that allows riders to simply step onto the bike and go, without the need for lifting their leg over a high frame. This design is especially helpful for riders who have limited mobility, are recovering from an injury, or simply prefer a more comfortable and convenient way to ride.

The Pedego Boomerang and Boomerang Platinum Edition are two popular models of low-step ebikes offered by Pedego. The Boomerang features a unique frame design that allows for easy and safe mounting and dismounting, while the Boomerang Platinum takes it up a notch with even higher-quality components. The upgrades include: 

  • 10-speed drivetrain
  • Suspension fork
  • Dual pedal assist – Torque assist and cadence assist
  • Upgraded suspension seatpost
  • Upgraded brakes
  • Included turn signal switch
  • Upgraded pedals
  • Premium color trim

Both models provide a smooth and enjoyable riding experience, with dependable performance and the added benefits of electric-assisted pedaling and a twist-and-go throttle. Moreover, they come equipped with a range of enhanced features, such as a deluxe saddle and an intuitive LCD display that conveniently showcases battery life, speed, and other valuable information. The Pedego Boomerang is the most accessible ebike ever.

A red Pedego Boomerang Low-Step Electric Bike
Pedego Boomerang Low-Step Electric Bike – Ride with ease
Silver Boomerang Platinum Edition Low-Step Electric Bike
Boomerang Platinum Edition Low-Step Electric Bike – Don’t let anything hold you back

Discover the Versatility and Fun of Pedego Low-Step Electric Bikes for Commuters and Leisure Riders Alike

Pedego low-step electric bikes are not exclusively designed for people with mobility issues. In fact, they are ideal for anyone seeking an enjoyable and hassle-free ebike experience that allows them to travel anywhere they desire. These bikes are perfect for commuters, leisure riders, and families looking for an exciting and unconventional way to discover their city or town.

One of the great things about Pedego low-step electric bikes is their versatility. They can handle a variety of terrain, including flat roads, hills, and light off-road trails. Their wide tires provide a stable and comfortable ride on all types of surfaces, while their powerful motors and large batteries provide plenty of power and range for most riders.

Pedego low-step electric bikes are not just practical, they are also stylish and fun. They come in a range of colors and styles to suit your personal taste. If you want to customize your Pedego low-step electric bike, there are plenty of options available. You can choose from a range of accessories like baskets, panniers, bells, fenders, and more.

A couple enjoying a ride on their Pedego Boomerang Low-Step Electric Bikes
Ride with a bike that caters to your need – Pedego Boomerang Low-Step Electric Bike

Experience the Freedom and Joy of Riding with Pedego Low-Step Electric Bikes – Perfect for Commuters, Seniors, Families and More!

In short, Pedego low-step ebikes offer a world of possibilities for anyone who wants a safe, easy, and fun way to ride. Whether you’re an individual with restricted mobility, a commuter, a casual rider, or a family looking for a new way to explore your city, there’s a Pedego low-step electric bike that’s right for you. So if you’re ready to experience the freedom and joy of riding an electric bike, visit your local Pedego dealer today and check out our low-step electric bikes. With our ultra-low step-through frame, you’ll be able to get on and off the bike with ease and explore the world around you in a whole new way.