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Dallas, TX: Guided Taco Tour

December 10, 2020

Dallas is one of the largest metropolitan cities in Texas and is commonly known for being home to the Dallas Cowboys football and amazing Tex Mex food. Aside from sports and delicious food, Dallas is a great place to sightsee and whether you are a traveling tourist or local resident, you are sure to find something interesting no matter which way you turn. From the beautiful city skyline to the unique neighborhoods it has to offer, beauty is seen everywhere in Dallas.

What better way to take in the sights and flavors of Dallas than on a Pedego? Pedego Dallas offers a guided three hour Taco Tour that takes you from Deep Ellum to Bishop Arts and through Downtown Dallas, allowing you to take in all that the city has to offer. Along the way you will hit some of Dallas’ best places for fun selfies and delicious tacos, so be sure to come with an empty stomach and picture-ready!

Planning the Perfect Day

1. Start at Pedego Dallas

To start your fun day ahead, you must first stop at Pedego Dallas to pick up your bike for the ride around downtown Dallas or Deep Ellum. Whether you are renting a Pedego for the first time or deciding to purchase, the friendly faces at Pedego Dallas are more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect model for you.

With a Pedego bike, fun is guaranteed so you are sure to have a great time no matter what your age or fitness level is. A Pedego allows you to get in a hard workout if you desire, or just sit back and enjoy the ride, and once you’re ready to hop on your bike and get going, the first destination is only a short distance away.

3601 Main Street #145
Dallas, TX 75226

Pedego Dallas Storefront

2. Dallas Farmers Market

Once you leave Pedego Dallas, you will ride through Deep Ellum to the Farmers Market District located in downtown Dallas. The Dallas Farmers Market is a large public market that features three different types of sellers: produce dealers, wholesale dealers, and local farmers. While there, you can browse the cool artist shops and check out local produce while the Tour Guide orders your first round of delicious tacos. Be sure to enjoy some Elote, a signature Mexican corn specialty, with your tacos before you take off to your next destination!

920 S. Harwood St.
Dallas, TX 75201.

3. Omni Hotel Dallas

Get ready to snap some photos, because the Omni Hotel is home to one of the best photo opportunities on the tour. Every Omni Hotel captures the essence of each city’s culture through its choices in local art, cuisine, fashion, and interior design– the Omni Dallas is no different. Housing over 7,000 original pieces of art by local artisans, one of the most notable at the Omni Dallas is The Pegasus– a neon red horse that stands tall outside of the hotel to welcome guests as they enter.

From 1934 to 1999 the iconic Pegasus stood 450 above the street on top of the Magnolia Oil Company headquarters. At this time, the Pegasus was known to Dallas residents as “The Flying Red Horse” acting as a signal to travelers from all directions that they were approaching city limits. After years of wear and tear, the original was taken down and packed away until locals decided to restore it, and in 2015 the Pegasus was brought to the Omni Hotel after approval from the city of Dallas. Don’t forget to snap a few photos in front of the Pegasus before heading to your next destination, because this is one of Dallas residents’ most prized landmarks.

555 S Lamar St.
Dallas, TX 75202

3. Jefferson Avenue Viaduct

Before you hit your next destination, take a quick pit stop on the Jefferson Street Viaduct. This bridge-like structure is one of the best places in all of Dallas to get a photo in front of the beautiful skyline. Take a selfie or gather with friends and family, because this a picture you won’t regret taking.

Trinity River
Dallas, TX 75203

Women standing on bridge with Dallas skyline in the back.

4. Bishop Arts District

The Bishop Arts District is known as Dallas’ most independent neighborhood. Home to over 60 independent boutiques, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and art galleries the Bishop Arts District is sure to provide a unique experience for your Pedego ride. The Bishop Arts District is a neighborhood rich in history, as it was the site of Dallas’ busiest trolly stop in the 1930s. Currently, it has more of a small-town feel and its ‘hidden gem’ appeal has fostered a close-knit community.

Here at the Bishop Arts District is where you will enjoy the second taco stop on your guided Taco Tour, so feel free to sit back and take in the local scenery as you eat. Before taking off to your next stop, however, lock up your bikes and take a look around at all the Bishop Arts District has to offer– we bet that you find something interesting!

Bishop Arts District
Dallas, TX 75208

5. Deep Ellum

The next stop on your tour is Deep Ellum located in downtown Dallas. This is where the guide will take you to the last taco restaurant on the tour– but don’t worry there is still more to see in the beautiful city of Dallas!

Deep Ellum was founded in 1873 and is Texas’ destination for arts, music, culture, and innovation. Known as the live music capital of North Texas as well as the hub for the performing arts for both theater and comedy– Deep Ellum is the ideal place to go for entertainment in Dallas. If you’re looking for another great photo opportunity, Deep Ellum has many vibrant street murals that make the perfect backdrop for any picture. Once you’ve soaked up all the culture in Deep Ellum it’s time to ride to your last stop on the tour.

Deep Ellum
Dallas, TX 75226

Three tacos

6. The Giant Eyeball

We saved the best for last because The Giant Eyeball might be the most picture-worthy destination on the tour! Standing 30-feet tall, The Giant Eyeball is a realistically rendered fiberglass sculpture of a giant human eyeball located in a fenced garden in Downtown Dallas. Created by artist Tony Tasset in 2007 as part of a temporary display in Chicago, The Eye, as it was originally named,  finally made its way to Texas in 2013 when it was purchased by the Joule Hotel. It was purchased by the hotel to add to their expansive art collection and provide an anchor for their downtown location.

The Giant Eyeball is a must-see attraction for any tourist or resident of Dallas, so no matter if this is your first time seeing it or you pass it every day during your commute- The Eye never gets old!

1601 Main St.
Dallas, TX 75201

Colorful Deep Ellum sign in front of the Dallas Skyline.

The Best Pedego For Your Ride

The best bike for your 10-mile ride through Deep Ellum is the one you feel most comfortable on, but if you wanted our opinion we would recommend the Pedego Interceptor. The Interceptor is America’s best-selling electric bike and has been known to turn heads and guarantee a smile while riding one. The Interceptor will not only provide an enjoyable ride but will offer a comfortable one as well– making this 10 mile round trip a piece of cake. During your ride, you can use the pedal assist settings on the Interceptor to get some exercise, or sit back and enjoy the ride by using the throttle, or even use a mixture of both!

If you are unsure about which model might be best for you, the Pedego Dallas staff are more than happy to assist you. To check out the wide range of Pedego electric bikes available, check them out here.

Stephanie Blue Pedego Interceptor

Hello, Fun!

What are you waiting for? There is no time to waste because downtown Dallas is calling your name! To schedule your rental or answer any questions, feel free to contact Pedego Dallas at bk@pedegodallas.com or call (855)733-3467.