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Carlsbad, CA: Ride to Self Realization Gardens in Encinitas

November 4, 2019

Experience: Self Realization Gardens in Encinitas

We are constantly surrounded by noise, technology and hectic energy—and this can really weigh down on us over time.

Thankfully, there is somewhere that you can go in the Carlsbad area that provides an escape from modern life, and allows you to connect with the world around you on a deeper level. That place is the Self Realization Gardens in Encinitas.

There is no place quite as peaceful and serene as the Self Realization Gardens in Encinitas. These relaxing gardens are the perfect place to meditate and enjoy the beauty of the world around you.

The Self Realization Gardens in Encinitas are located high on a cliff, and the stunning view overlooks the same surf location that the Beach Boys used to sing about. Have fun watching the surfers and taking in the beauty of the ocean.

The gardens themselves are meticulously manicured, and have koi ponds, waterfalls and fantastic scenery. It’s truly unbelievable!

The Self Realization Gardens in Encinitas are open to the public, and people of all faiths and beliefs are welcome to enjoy a quiet moment, connect with the universe and watch the surfers.

Planning Your Perfect Day

What better way to enjoy a trip to the Self Realization Gardens in Encinitas than taking the day to check out some beautiful sights, enjoy a relaxing bike ride, eat some excellent food and grab a drink?

Here is a rough outline for the most relaxing day you’ve had in years. Feel free to enjoy it with friends, your spouse or even by yourself!

Start at Pedego Carlsbad

What better way to enjoy your day than with a wonderful bike ride?

Pedego Carlsbad has an excellent selection of electric bikes to choose from, and these bikes are available for rent! With a Pedego bike, you can enjoy the perfect day no matter what

your fitness level and age are. How much you would like to pedal and how hard you would like to ride is up to you!

Feel free to get some exercise in, or simply float along the beautiful coast and enjoy the scenery.

Don’t worry about parking, either! Once you get to the gardens you’ll find that there is plenty of space to park your bike so you can walk around and enjoy your visit.

Once you’ve selected your e-bike, you are ready for your journey…

Ride Along the Picturesque Beach

Half of the ride to the Self Realization Gardens in Encinitas is the picture of natural perfection. You’ll be riding alongside the beach, where you will have an excellent view of the water, and even the dolphins!

There is a wide bike lane alongside the beach, so you are sure to get the best view possible.

The Lovely Town of Encinitas

Once you arrive in Encinitas, you will be greeted by friendly people and so much to do and see. You’ll definitely want to stop by some of the cute boutiques, and also grab a cup of coffee and something to eat for lunch.

On your way back, make sure to go through the neighborhood and see the gorgeous beach houses, people riding their skateboards and beautiful trees. You can really soak up the California vibe by riding through the town of Encinitas.

While visiting Encinitas, here are some places that you’ll definitely want to check out:

1. Leucadia Donut Shoppe

Get light and fluffy donuts fresh out of the oven!

1604 N Coast Hwy 101
Encinitas, CA 92024

2. Pannikin Coffee & Tea

The perfect place for a cup of coffee or tea, freshly baked goods and a quick bite to eat.

510 N Coast Hwy 101
Encinitas, CA 92024

3. Union Kitchen & Tap

Fresh and local American cuisine, with artisanal wine, house-made cocktails and craft beer. A staple part of the Encinitas community, while also being very friendly to visitors.

1108 S Coast Hwy 101

Encinitas, CA 92024

4. Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream

54 homemade flavors with an impressive selection and friendly service.

90 North Coast Highway 101 #101
Encinitas, CA 92024

5. Vigilucci’s Trattoria

The perfect place for a romantic dinner. Homemade pasta, steak, fresh seafood and other delicious dishes. Also, a wood-burning brick oven for pizza.

Pro Tip: The terrace is a great place to watch the sunset!
530 N. Coast Hwy 101
Leucadia, California 92024

The Best Pedego Bike for Your Ride

There are lots of excellent bikes to choose from, and any Pedego bike available for rent will allow for a comfortable and relaxing journey to the Self Realization Gardens in Encinitas. With that being said, you’ll want to consider the Interceptor with pedal assist.

With the Interceptor, you can put the bike in a pedal assist gear to get some exercise along your journey. You also have the option of using the throttle, or a mixture of both. There are some hills along the way, and you’ll find that the throttle really comes in handy!

If you are unsure of which Pedego bike is right for your ride, feel free to ask the staff at Pedego Carlsbad. They are extremely helpful and friendly, and they will help you to pick the perfect bike for your ride.

Hello, Fun…

It’s time to look at your calendar and see when the perfect day for your ride to the Self Realization Garden in Encinitas is for YOU.

Also, feel free to check out some of the electronic bikes available to rent HERE. If you have any questions, feel free to give Pedego Carlsbad a call (760) 729-2453.

Your perfect day awaits…