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Newport Beach, CA: Corona Del Mar, Balboa Island & Peninsula

November 9, 2020

Corona Del Mar, California is a beautiful seaside neighborhood in Newport Beach that offers ocean views and gorgeous up-scale living. Whether you are a tourist or resident, Corona Del Mar is undeniably the perfect place to take in the best of what SoCal has to offer.

And what better way to take in the beachside sights of Corona Del Mar than on an electric bike? There is nothing better than buzzing around on your Pedego with lavish neighborhoods and the gorgeous ocean line as your backdrop. Pedego offers an easy and accessible way to travel through Corona Del Mar, as there is a Pedego store of their own located right in the heart of the city. So what are you waiting for? Grab your loved ones and cruise down to Corona Del Mar, because the only thing waiting for you is a good time!

Planning the Perfect Day

1. Start at Pedego Corona Del Mar

The best way to take in the stunning landscape of Corona Del Mar is on a Pedego! Pedego Corona Del Mar is the second store to ever open by Pedego and sits right off of Pacific Coast Highway and MacArthur in Newport Beach. It is a short distance away from Fashion Island, Roger’s Gardens, and Crystal Cove which are all iconic destinations that can be easily cycled to on your Pedego bike. However, our favorite ride is the route to the Wedge, which we have mapped out in this step by step blog!

Pedego Corona Del Mar offers Pedego’s full range of e-bikes for rental or purchase to ensure that you find the perfect fit for the day ahead of you. Whether you are interested in an Interceptor or Trail Tracker the friendly faces at Pedego Corona Del Mar are happy to assist you in finding which bike would best suit your needs.

With a Pedego bike, you have an option to get a workout in or to just sit back and enjoy the ride, and whichever way you decide to take your ride, we promise it will be fun! A common misconception about electric bikes is that they don’t enable you to break a sweat and get a workout in but that is far from the truth. Proving to break this stigma is the company Joy Ride, who has partnered with Pedego Corona Del Mar to provide training classes to Pedego owners which show them that they can indeed get good exercise on an electric bike. Independently owned and operated by Jeanne Ernst and Julie LaFond, master trainers with 33 years of cycling experience, Joy Ride will begin offering classes in 2021 on how to properly workout on an electric bike. If you are interested in getting involved with Joy Ride, be sure to contact Pedego Corona Del Mar.

Now it is time to take a joy ride of your own, and after you pick your bike model, it’s time to hit the road! Once you exit the store, the first stop is only a few blocks away from Pedego Corona Del Mar. Ride carefully through the neighborhood by abiding by the safety laws and make sure to keep an eye out for cars, but before you know it, you will be at your first destination!

2515 East Coast Highway
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

Pedego Corona Del Mar

2. Goldenrod Footbridge

The Goldenrod Footbridge was built in 1928 and connects the two segments of Goldenrod Avenue. Once you arrive at the bridge, be sure to get off of your bike and walk it across, because cycling is not permitted. The Goldenrod Footbridge is an iconic landmark in the Corona Del Mar community and is a great place to stop and snap a quick photo, as it is lined with beautiful, little pink flowers.

401 Goldenrod Ave.
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

Goldenrod Footbridge in Corona Del Mar.

3. Ocean Blvd. – Lookout Point

After you cross the Goldenrod Footbridge, you will head to Ocean Boulevard which is a street set high above Newport Harbor offering incredible ocean views and lined with multi-million dollar homes. No matter which direction you look, it is sure to provide an epic backdrop for your Pedego ride. Along Ocean Boulevard there are many places to stop and capture photos. One of our favorite places to stop and snap a photo is at Lookout Point, which is located at the end of Ocean Boulevard and overlooks Little Corona Beach. Whether it is a bright and sunny day or one that is slightly overcast, this view truly looks good in any light.

Once your photoshoot has concluded, it’s time to head to the next destination– but feel free to take your time because the ride in between is one you won’t forget. You will ride through the various neighborhoods of Corona Del Mar, one of them including Irvine Terrace, which is known as one of the premier communities in all of Newport Beach. The homes in this neighborhood were originally small beach houses that have been converted into unique estate homes. Each home is as different as the next, but the one thing they all have in common is– they are undeniably breathtaking.

Ocean Blvd.
Newport Beach, CA 92625

4. Balboa Island

After you ride down El Paseo Drive from Irvine Terrace, make a right onto Bayside Dr and continue straight until you reach the stoplight at Jamboree Road. You may ride in the car left turn lane and wait for the left arrow, or use the pedestrian walk light depending on which route you feel more comfortable with. From there, get onto the sidewalk on the right side as it is divided for both walkers and bikers. After you cross the bridge, you have arrived on Balboa Island!

Balboa Island offers a quaint downtown experience, lined with small boutique shops, restaurants, and backdropped by marina views and small beach houses it truly is one of a kind. But before heading to the Balboa Island Ferry to cross over to the Balboa Peninsula, you must stop at one of the most iconic places Balboa Island has to offer… and lucky for you it is right in the middle downtown!

Balboa Island
Newport Beach, CA 92662

5. Sugar ’N Spice: The Original Frozen Banana

While you’re in Downtown Balboa on Balboa Island, there is one landmark you can’t bear to miss. Sugar N’ Spice is a Balboa Island staple and has been serving residents since 1945. They are known for being the one and only “original” shop to serve delicious sweet treats like frozen bananas and Balboa bars. These indulgences are made to order– each banana or Balboa ice cream bar is hand-dipped in milk chocolate, twice, and then rolled in the favorite toppings of your choice. Our personal favorite is a frozen chocolate banana with rainbow sprinkles.

Whether you decide to stop at Sugar ‘N Spice on the way down to the Wedge or on the way back, it is definitely worth the visit!

310 Marine Ave.
Balboa Island, CA 92662

Sugar 'N Spice Banana Shop on Balboa Island.

6. Balboa Ferry

The Balboa Island Ferry has been around since 1919 and provides transportation from Balboa Island to the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. It travels approximately 800 feet across Newport Harbor to deliver vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians from one side to the other. Fares vary depending on what form of transportation you take, but on your Pedego it will cost you $1.50 for adults, and 75 cents for children ages 5-11.

410 S. Bay Front
Newport Beach, CA 92661

Balboa ferry entrance at night.

7. New York Style Pizza

Once you arrive on the Balboa Peninsula, just a hop, skip, and a jump away is New York Style Pizza. New York Style Pizza is a small eatery that offers amazing thin-crust pizza that is so large, a slice is almost as big as your head! Not to mention, it is close to the ferry drop off, so we suggest walking your bikes off of the ferry and locking them up right outside. It’s then time for the toughest decision of the day… What kind of pizza are you going to order?! Enjoy an individual slice or order a whole pie for the family, either way, you can’t go wrong.

After you finish your pizza, hop back on your Pedego because there is only one more stop on your tour, and it’s a good one!

600 E. Bay Ave. #B2
Newport Beach, CA 92661

New York Style Pizza on the Balboa Peninsula

8. Wedge

From New York Style Pizza ride straight through the Balboa Pavilion and onto the boardwalk bike path. If you are interested in another photo opportunity, walk your bikes onto the Balboa pier and snap a few shots with the Pacific Ocean in the background– it is truly beautiful!

Once you’re ready to get back on the bike trail, take it all the way to the dead-end before turning right on Balboa Blvd. and then right on G Street, and finally left on E. Ocean Blvd. From there, only one turn stands between you and the end of the journey so turn right onto Channel Rd. for your final destination. Here you will arrive at West Jetty View Park, home to the Wedge.

The Wedge is a famous surf spot in Southern California and offers epic waves and incredible views of Newport Harbor. When you look across the harbor at the West Jetty View Park you will be able to see Lookout Point, which is where you stopped earlier!

Before deciding to make your return trip, take a seat, snap some photos, and relax. The Wedge offers some of the best views in all of Newport. Whether you’re looking to see boats go in and out of the harbor, watch surfers catching some epic waves, or just bask in the sun while looking at the harbor-side houses, there is not a bad view in sight.

Located at the east-most end of of the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach

The Best Pedego Bike For Your Ride

Pedego Corona Del Mar offers Pedego’s full lineup of bike options for rental, but our recommendation for this ride is one of our Interceptors. The Pedego Interceptor is America’s best selling electric bike, as it combines beach cruiser comfort and style with breathtaking performance and user-friendly features. It will allow you to ride with ease through Corona Del Mar, and if it feels like it was made just for you– that’s because it was!

The Interceptor is offered in two different models, Classic and Step-Thru. What’s the difference, you ask? The Step-Thru model provides a comfortable and easy way for you to step through to the other side of your bike; whereas, the Classic frame is built higher and requires you to swing your leg over the seat to get on. Regardless of which model you choose– comfort is something that won’t be compromised.

Once you decide on which Interceptor model you prefer, it’s time to get on and ride! You can get a good workout by altering your Pedal Assist settings or use the throttle and cruise along if you are interested in a more laidback ride.

Unsure about which Pedego model would be best for you? The friendly faces at Pedego Corona Del Mar are more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have. To see the complete range of Pedego electric bikes available, check them out here.

Pedego Stephanie Blue Interceptor

Hello, Fun!

The only step left to take is to gather your family and friends and head down to Pedego Corona Del Mar, as the perfect day is calling your name!

To schedule your rental or answer any questions, feel free to contact Pedego Corona Del Mar at info@pedegocdm.com or call (949)-612-7989.